Our goal is to build the relationship skills of our young people,

ages 14-17, by helping develop the skills and knowledge to form

and sustain healthy relationships at home, at school and in their

future marriages through a nationally recognized curriculum.

14 세 -17세 청소년들을 위해 국제적으로 알려진 Charlene Kamper의

“Connections” 이라는 교재를 가지고 건강한 자아상을 발견하도록 도우며 , 이를 바탕으로 가정과 학교 그리고

미래의 결혼에 이르기까지 건강한 인간관계를 세워나가는데 필요한 바람직한 관계의 모본을 스스로 준비할 수 있도

록 돕는 교육 . (미 정부에서는 고등학교 교과 과정으로 편입 중 )

“ One of the most effective nationally evaluated relationship and marriage programs for teens, this creative,

ready-to-teach program helps young adults learn to create and sustain healthy, meaningful relationships. 

The skill-based course covers:  building on individual strengths, how family experiences shape

relationship expectations
, developing positive conflict resolution strategies, setting life goals,

improving communication patterns, love, commitment, and marriage.” by Dibble Fund

교육 과정 (Topic)

Lifestyle Expectation

Personal Issues

Personality Match


Problem Solving

Religion, Spirituality and Values

Parenting Issues

Extended Family Issues

Sexuality Issues

Financial Issues